Kerala Travel

In the Indian subcontinent Kerala is the place that is the blend of modernity and and traditions of India. It is located at the Arabian Sea in the west, western ghats which is towering from 500-2700 meters and is having almost forty four rivers. The place Kerala is having unique geographical features that makes Kerala as the most beautiful tourists destination in whole of Asia. Kerala is the land of mountains, kathakali, and Mohini Attam and Coconut an Spices.

Kerala is the narrow strip in the southern part of India which lies between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, bordering Tamil Nadu to the east and Karnataka to the North. The state is also considered as the most literate state in the country and is also known to be the most religious place where one can find the Hindu temples, mosques, churches and even synagogues. The tourism department has named Kerala as the Gods Own Country. While spending the holidays in Kerala one can also experience the Ayurvedic Oil Massage and spend a day or two in the houseboat with having nothing to do other than watching Palm trees and relaxing at the Kovalam or Varkala beaches.

Discover Kerala

Kerala Culture: When it comes to discover the the place like Kerala, the first thing that comes to the mind of the people is about the culture of Kerala. No other state in India can match the grandeur and the creativity of the Kerala. The rituals and the classical art of Kerala enjoys the rich patronage and it is incomparable from any other state of India. The unique selling point of Kerala is the rich culture and the heritage of the place. Kerala’s performing arts and the variety of the art forms which is performed by the expert artists. The attires and the facial expression of the artistes are the sumptuous treat for the eyes of the visitors.

Ayurveda and Spa of Kerala: The entire range of fascinating the body, mind and soul of the [erson through the natural cure is the Ayurveda. Kerala is the unique health destination that that is based on the Ayurveda which is also known as the ancient shyster of the medicine. Ayurveda also offers the tourists for the best holiday options and the therapeutic which is also rejuvenating. Kerala is having the equable climate with the natural forests (with the wealth of the herbs and medicinal plants) and the best time to visit is the cool monsoon season (June- November) which is best suited for the Ayurveda’s curative and restorative packages.

Kerala Cuisines: The Cuisines of Kerala is having some of the tastiest foods on earth, the people of Kerala are gourmets with the difference. The cuisines of Kerala is very hot, spicy, fresh, aromatic and is also flavored. The land of food that is Kerala is rich with the coconut, and one cannot imagine the food of Kerala without chillies, curry leaves, mustard seeds, tamarind and asafoetida. Generally, the people of Kerala prefers fish and rice to eat.

Houseboats in Kerala: Many tourists from round the globe visits Kerala to experience the beauty and the exotic look of the slow moving, huge houseboats. The houseboats in Kerala is known as the Kettuvallam which means the boats with knots and the entire boat is is held together with the coir knots not even a single nail is used during the construction.

Kerala Beaches: The beauty of Kerala lies in the beaches of the state. There are many such beaches in the state and is written as under:

Alappuzha Beach: The beach is so beautiful that it is referred as the Venice of East and the and is always the best place to spend the maritime holidays. Now a days it is famous for its boat races, backwater holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry.

Beypore Beach: The beaches is situated at the mouth of the Chaliyar River in Kozhikode district, Beypore is one of the important ports and the fishing harbor of Kerala which plays an important role in the maritime beaches.

Cherai Beach: Cherai Beach is a lovely beach where there is a sea on the western side and the backwaters on the east which marks it as the ultimate tourist destination. There are many such beaches in Kerala that is having the picturesque beauty.

Staying Options in Kerala: There are many options for the stay at Kerala which can provide a comfortable stay to the holidaymakers of the place.

Alleppey Prince Hotel: Alleppy Prince Hotel is a heritage hotel in India. This hotel will make a feel of home away from home for the tourists and holidaymakers

Brunton Boatyard Hotel: It has been designed and built in the style of architecture of early Dutch and Portuguese colonial rulers.

There are many such Hotels and Resorts which can work as an excellent staying options for the tourists of around the world. These hotels and resorts can prove to be a comfortable and a nice option to stay.

How to reach Kerala?

Traveling to Kerala is not at all a difficult task. It is accessible by almost all the modes of transport.

Kerala Travel by Air: Thiruvananthpuram is the capital of the state and is connected to almost all the major airports of the country like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore. As Thiruvananthpuram is an international airport therefore it is also having the considerable connection with the gulf countries. Kochi and Calicut is the another two airports which is connected from the air to the other cities of the country.

Kerala Travel by Railways: Rails are another great options to visit Kerala. There are around 200 railway stations in the state which connects to almost all the places in the country. Long distance express trains connect important places in Kerala to the places which is outside the state like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

Kerala Travel by Road: The roads in Kerala are in much better shape than other states of the country. The major modes of the transport in the state is the buses, tourist taxis, cars, local taxis and autos. The state is connected with the highways to the Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh which is the neighbouring state of Kerala.